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A Trip to the Islands

Life on St. Croix.

Just over a year ago. St. Croix was my winter home. My good friends, Bill and Isabelle of Kite and Paddle St. Croix, offered me a once and a lifetime opportunity. That I could not pass up.

Learning a lot about life. Living on an island. And how to slow down and appreciate everything we have.

In this year. A lot has changed. Not so much for me personally. But for the island and the people who live there. As I arrived it was just over 4 months since Hurricane Maria and Irma passed over and forever changed the landscape of the island.

What I noticed, beyond the physical damages. That are being restored. The island was bustling. Stores busy. People moving around. And always carrying their friendly, smiling vibe along with them.

A worthwhile trip.

The trip back to the islands was a quick one. One I wish I could have extended and soaked up more time in paradise. But during my brief stay. I was able to visit a lot of places and see some great things. And it reminded me that even amongst the chaos that the hurricanes created. The islands and their people overcame everything Mother Nature threw at them.

My stay didn’t keep me just on St. Croix. I also headed over to St. Thomas and the British Virgin Islands. In the British Virgin Islands Bill, Isabelle and my self participated in a fun stand up paddleboard race called the Painkiller Cup.

While on these islands the devastation was a bit more apparent. But one would never have known that power was restored days before I arrived. The people worked together getting everything back up and running. Making everyone feel welcomed and at home.

Heading back soon.

Many of us wondered what we could do to help the people of the islands during their tough times. And after this visit the answer became very apparent. Support the local economy. Be a tourist.

In a place where the economy was built on visitors. Many of us pulled back concerned that it wasn’t ready for a visit. Yes some of the typical places may not be the same. But the people who are on the island are. And they need us now more than ever to support them.

If any of the US or British Virgin Islands are on your radar, it will be a trip worth while.

I’m ready to book my next one. But after I head to Puerto Rico to visit some friends on that island!

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