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A Stand Up Paddleboard. For the Family.

Finding the Perfect Family Stand Up Paddleboard.

We’ve seen that person on the lake all summer long. Paddling by. One day with their dog. Then at a faster pace. With a bit of sweat dripping from their brow. But always. With a smile on their face. Then the kids go by. With a few of their friends on the board. Carrying that same look.

After hours of research behind the computer. And on our phone. We are more confused than when we started. And no direction on what SUP to buy.

What makes the perfect family stand up paddleboard?

Three Features.

There a many different style boards and makes. But finding that perfect board for the family can be narrowed down to three key features.


Stand up paddleboards can be fragile. Where any impacts will put a crack in them. Allowing them to take on water. And when multiple people will be using the board. The last thing we want to worry about is will it last.


The family board is one that will introduce a lot of people to paddling. Friends. Family members. All of different ability levels. If the board is wide enough, over 32″ and long enough over 10′, it will be stable and fun for everyone.Not Heavy

If the board is heavy. Then it will most likely sit in the garage, on the shore for the summer. Boards that are between 20 – 30 pounds are manageable for most people. Even kids can move them down to the water. This will ensure that it gets the use.

The Perfect Paddleboard.

There are a lot of great boards out there that will fit into the descriptions I listed above. The best and easiest way is to visit your retailer and ask them to paddle the boards they have available. They will steer you to a few choices. Then try it before you bring it home.

I have a simple saying.

“The perfect board, is the one that gets you out on the water.”

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