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A Bit of Sweat, Because We Can.

Last night I set my alarm. Wanted to get up before the sun. Take on the day with excitement. As the alarm sounded. I awoke. My pups did as well. We said our good mornings and hellos. Made our way downstairs.

We were ready to get the day going.

With half a cup of coffee in me. Something seemed to be missing. I did not feel compelled to write or create. But a post from a good friend inspired me to close the computer and get a workout in.

As I finished my cold shower. I felt my voice come rushing back. As if I just slammed and espresso, right before walking into a meeting.

A few deep breaths to calm that energy. And I reopened my computer.

What I am about to share is how I love to break through the fog. That groggy feeling. The one that makes us want to do nothing. And the one that brings along a bit of anxiousness.

Ten minutes of movement. This was the case this morning. My good friend and world class trainer Ry Steinhoff of Adult PE San Clemente, better known as the Gym Class for us grown ups, that do not want to grow up, put together a simple yet solid workout. After the workout I felt the anxiousness dwindle and creativity boost. Whether you perform a workout like this, yoga class, walk or get a paddle in. Try moving when this feeling hits.

Cold Shower/Cold Water

I love this one. Before not so much. But the more I learn about it. The more I am intrigued by the effects it provides. I started with a 10 second cold shower. And sometimes that is all I go with, other times it is a cold shower for the duration. Or now that the lake is thawed I'll do up to 3 minutes in the lake. What grabbed my attention with this one, was Wim Hoff saying. "They (cold showers) suck. And Doing things that suck everyday will build your resilience." I have heard from many of you that this one is a hard no. That is even more reason to do it. Think of the growth that can occur by facing this fear, as simple and silly as it sounds.

Go Because You Can

This one. It is my motivator. I always knew about this movement. But it hit home last week. First with some people close to be put in a fight for their life situation. Followed with a good friend posting about his battle with cancer. All he wants from his friends is to do the things he can't right now. Paddle. Hike. Walk. Get outside. What ensued was a push up challenge called #20forwally. When Troy created #gobecauseyoucan he was battling cancer, years ago, now it has evolved into giving back to the families and people affected. It is fitting for me, in this time, that we need to enjoy life to the fullest as the universe is showing that at anytime things can change. And the last thing I want to have is regrets. Regrets that I did not get outside when I could.

Love. Appreciation. Gratitude

Seeing my mom head off to work today. Where she will see people possibly infected by the virus. Deal with others in a sheer state of panic. Who do not listen. Nor respecting the recommendations or guidance provided. Reminded me to tell her I love her. But also to tell her how appreciated her efforts are. This didn't stop here. I wanted to tell everyone else that is on the front lines. Or working tireless hours for us. That they are loved and appreciated. And we. Even though our actions may or may not show it. Are grateful for their willingness to put our world before them.

Each day presents a new challenge. And these tools have helped me navigate the waters.

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