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2018 Demo Tour. Florida Stops

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

Familiar Smiling Faces.

The amount of high fives, hugs and stories exchanged over the past few weeks. Has been at an all time high. Wrapping up a quick trip to the Caribbean. Which rolled right into Surf Expo and the Neptunalia Paddle Race. Then throw in my friends staying at Kalama Camp.

January has started 2018 off in the perfect way.

Race Season.

Starting the race season off in the Caribbean was the perfect way to get the cob webs dusted off. And fuel the fun and excitement that racing provides.

The Sunday after Expo, hosts the Neptunalia race in Melbourne, FL. With Surf Expo wrapping up there always is a strong industry showing. And this year followed suit.

The weather delivered some fun and challenging conditions. And the distances provided a bit of everything for people to enjoy. But the highlight was arriving back to the docks with and endless supply of home cooked food. And coolers filled with ice cold beers and waters.

There were races from all over in attendance, some traveling from the west coast of Florida, while others, like John Beausang of Distressed Mullet and Paddle Monster and Jim Terrell of Quickblade made the trip from a bit further out.

There were a host of paddle crafts included in the race as well. From prone to surfski, outrigger canoes and stand up paddleboards.

It truly did mirror the Hano Hano which was happening the same time on the west coast of the country in San Diego. And having attended both. The vibes share that any one is welcome theme. One that we see all over the world in stand up paddling.

And one that brings me back to these events time and time again.

What’s Next.

With the stand up paddleboard season or preseason for some of us not in race shape, kicking off. The calendar is packed with a lot of amazing events.

This year I’ll be attending races. Hosting demos with our Surftech, Bark and NSP shops. Alongside my good friend and the Florida Sales Rep for the brands, AJ DeFilippis. Below is a list of the events. And I look forward to seeing you all soon.

Come by say hello and test the boards from our vast and amazing quiver.

Demo and Event Schedule.

Sunday February 4th at 9 am – Miami Yacht Club with Sandy Point Progressive Sports

Saturday February 10th – Red Bull Privateers – Cape Romano, FL

Saturday February 10th  – Palm Beach Paddlefest – Jupiter, FL

Saturday Februay 17th – East Coast Paddleboard Championships – Hollywood, FL

Tuesday February 20th – Tuesday Night Race League – Blueline Surf & Paddle – Jupiter, FL

Saturday February 24th – Ohana Surf Shop – Stuart, FL

Saturday March 3rd – Team Lexus and Verde Azul Demo Weekend

Saturday March 24th – Escape from Coffin Island – Ponce Puerto Rico

Saturday April 14th – Shark Bite Challenge – Dunedin, FL

Saturday April 21st – Carolina Cup – Wrightsville Beach, NC

Saturday April 28th – Key West Classic – Key West, FL

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