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Personal Developement

With Jeramie Vaine

You Are Crazy. 

These words. Used to upset me. Send me into a rage. One where I would defend myself and my actions.

Then I realized. We all do something that is crazy.

To someone else.    

It is a reflection. That scares the shit out of others.

What if, there was a way. To take that crazy thing.

The one you do not view as crazy. But as a necessity.
And bring it into your everyday life?

Does your crazy, sound like this?

Sacrificing everything for your family, at the job you hate.

Long hours in the car, so you can live where you love. 

Battling through those hangovers justifying the fun.


Where it lives does not matter.    

The moment you realize you have it does

Where do I come in?


I help you find where this thing lives. Inspire you to tap into it in other aspects of life. Revitalizing your confidence. And making those dreams, become attainable. 

I am confident that together, we can do this. This is why I offer you a free call to start.


Worse case scenario, you leave with a better understanding of where your strengths are. 

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