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An Athlete with Influence

With Jeramie Vaine

At 40 years old, I sit in between the age groups with the biggest purchasing power.

Putting me in the ideal place to resonate with both of them.

The younger, hip crowd, active in the outdoors, needs a reason to connect with your brand. That's where I come in. As someone who is doing what they either inspire to do or are doing. I relate with them from a place of authenticity. 

The audience that is a bit older, looks at me, in a different light. Not from the inspirational side but rather the trusting side. They may not want to do the extreme things I am, but want the products that can handles those encounters. Just in case they choose to go back down that path.

What makes me the best fit for your product?

My age is not the only factor on why I provide a unique connection factor. My demographic touches beyond what many see from the outside. The corner stone of my brand is my connection to the female audience. Allowing me to speak with them from a space of authenticity and trust. Adding to my power and reach as an athlete with influence.

There is one key component to all of this.

I have to believe in your story, vision and most importantly resonate with the products in the wild. These essential aspect allows me to tell my story from a place of transparency, one that builds the trust of my audience. 

I am confident I can help influence your products and brand. And in a 30 minute call we could discuss these strategies and more in greater detail. 


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