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Training The Mind

1 on 1 Coaching Focused on



Trainings. Seminars. Podcasts. Books.

We have done all the work. 

But it is GO time. And something is off. 


As we open the door to that meeting room, log into that zoom call, or find ourselves on the starting line. Someone starts putting doubt in our mind.


Should you have worn that suit? Did you send the right attachment? Is that first buoy turn a left? 

The Mind is Working Overtime to Sabotage Us.

We have two choices.

Listen and slowly destroy our confidence.


Let it go and thrive.

I have felt the results of both scenarios. And the former was  the one that would win. Until I began to implement some key strategies.

These strategies are the reason I created this program.

Where I help you strengthen the mind.

For the game of life.

Is it easy.

Absolutely not.

Neither were the other accomplishments in your life.

And you rocked those.


Knowing that your life is different from your friends, colleagues or competitor. I wanted to provide you with two options of trainings. Both will encompass the concept of Mind Strength Training. The differences is your level of commitment from a time scenario.   

5 Weeks 

Are you:

  • Solid in your career but lacking confidence

  •  Running your own company but hitting a wall with creativity

  • An Athlete that wants more from your efforts

10 Weeks 

Are you:

  • Sick of living of life for someone else

  • Ready to take your power back

  • Create something that excites you

  • An athlete that crumbles on the start line

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