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Athlete Coaching

With Jeramie Vaine

I want you Inspired.


Because you, deserve it. I see you putting the effort in. Wanting more and more. And you are so damn close. 

This is where I come in. 

You will take your ability to 
do hard shit everyday. And apply it to the area or areas that you are struggling in.


Building confidence. Becoming Inspired. 

Wondering what those things are? Does this sound familiar?

Up before the sun. Training with the head lamp on. Back home to get the kids off. You bust through the work day. Then the gym. Family time. Sleep. 

You do more in one day than people do in months. And this is your routine. 

Back to how I help. We build on your strengths. And have it overflow into all aspects of life. 


Yes. Beyond the water.


I want you inspired in everything you do.

Do I believe you can do it?


100%, that is why I offer a free call. One where we talk about your strengths, and when we hang up you have a starting point to begin to make these changes. I believe in you, now is the time you start too. 

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