My Name is Jeramie Vaine.

And I Choose To Inspire. 

The methods vary. On the consumer. And the opportunity. 


Somedays it is through physical actions. Others in my writings. Most often it happens through posting on Social Media.

Then there are the times, when it is face to face. And in a perfect world, in person would be my only way. But to reach my goal of connecting, I had to evolve resulting in these virtual ways of inspiring.  

Why  have I selected this life, in a not so normal capacity?

Deep inside of me, there was a calling. Guiding me to take a path different to the one society selected. I tried the society's version. The result left me feeling unfulfilled, and resentful. 

As I always knew something unique existed for me. And each day a new aspect unfolds revealing the bigger picture. 

Thank you for visiting my site, hopefully my content resonates with you. Or someone you choose to share it with.  

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